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Services and Benefits

FoodsenseTM, Inc. is a consulting and training firm founded in 1986 for the food industry. The company delivers high quality, value-driven services in food safety and operations. Our services are tailored to increase food safety protection. Our Sanitarians have expert knowledge of food safety; and food service, retail, and processing operations.

Customized Services:
  • Certified Professional Food Manager Courses
  • Third-party sanitation audit and report
  • Foodborne illness complaint investigation
  • Customized training for management, kitchen, and service staff. Our training is in a module format in subject areas specific to your employees' jobs.
  • HACCP plan development and verification
  • Third-party HACCP auditing
  • NSF Certified HACCP Manager Courses
  • Operational risk analysis and security management
  • Food sample collection, analysis, and swab testing

Key Benefits:

  • Satisfy the #1 customer expectation of food safety and cleanliness to protect your business and reputation
  • Gain a respected third party resource with strong health department relationships and up-to-date knowledge of the food code regulations
  • Reduce the risk of foodborne illness and minimize liability exposure

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